Founder Self-Assessment

Prior to the first Tandem Product Academy Saturday class each participating company must prepare and deliver to the teaching team a written company assessment that answers the following questions:


  • What product do are you looking to scale your business around?
  • What makes it special?
    • For example, is it cheaper or more reliable than other products of its type?
    • Is it unique?
    • Does it have more functionality?
  • Who is your target market for this product?
  • Have you validated this target market? How?



  • Who are your founders and what are their roles?
  • Are they drawing salaries or other moneys from the company?


  • How many employees do you currently have and what do they do?
  • Are they paid salaries? Is equity part of their compensation?
  • Do you have a separate development team?
  • Do you have a separate sales team?


  • What is your current revenue run rate?
  • What are your sources of revenue?
  • How do you currently finance your business?
  • How do you describe your corporate culture? How do your employees describe it?
  • What is your operating goal for your company over the next 18 months.
  • What would success look like to you?
  • What are the biggest impediments to your business’ success?
  • Having look at the syllabus what is missing that you would like us to cover?