Final Saturday Classes Complete a Successful Pilot

Tandem January 19th.jpg

The Tandem Product Academy completed its three month curriculum on January 19th with discussions of two key topics for growing tech businesses to master: product management and raising capital.

Ben Foster continued to bring his expertise as one of the region’s leading product managers. His lecture provided specific insights into how a company creates a product management system, incorporate design and engineering into a coherent team and strategy and how he recommends a company evaluates candidates and builds the product team.

Ben knows what he is doing and it shows in both the quality of the information he provided, but also in the passion he showed when doing his lecture. Participants really connected with him and described him as being “very prepared” and “excellent.”. Whit Fulton, CEO of ConnectDER, a participant company said: “As a non-technical founder, I found Ben Foster's session on how to structure and manage a technical team to be timely and invaluable, as we are just going through the process of doubling our development team.”

The second part of the day’s teaching centered on raising capital and the terms of a venture capital transaction. This session was led by experienced investors Gene Riechers and Jonathan Aberman. They demystified the venture capital industry, explained the differences between an angel and institutional investor, taught how investors really value a business and the key terms in any venture capital funding.

Participants appreciated the opportunity to get real insight into these topics from the inisiders’ perspective. Diana Hege, CEO, of RFID Solutions shared her big take aways: “‘Investors are like martinis.  One is good, two is better, three is a disaster’ and ‘terms are more important than valuation’. “

The Tandem Product Academy concludes its syllabus with three final seminars through January. Tandem Innovation Alliance will gather data on the overall satisfaction and experience of participants and share its findings in February.

Jonathan Aberman