About Us

The Tandem Innovation Alliance’s mission is to help innovators looking to develop a technology product-based business to answer the question “what comes next?” It brings together the .com, .gov, and .edu communities to pool resources and provide opportunities to help these business grow through a curated community of events, content and opportunities. 

Growing out of the already established and successful TandemNSI national security community, Tandem Innovation Alliance has thousands of engaged small business members, an active online community and relationships with the national security agencies that fund and acquire advanced technologies and a broad range of relationships with business founders and funders. Bringing to the table the region’s leading corporations, entrepreneurial business leaders and university resources, Tandem Innovation Alliance provides the Greater Washington region with a unique resource—a regional community that exists for the benefit of the entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow leading product businesses.

The Tandem Innovation Alliance’s primary technology focus is software products, which encompasses many technology areas where the Greater Washington region has strong intellectual capital but has to this point lacked a clear regional community to promote product development. Areas of specific interest are cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotics and precision medicine.